Drobinski Caught Lying to Voters, Fabricating Yingling's Voting Record

GRAYSLAKE, Ill. - State Rep. Sam Yingling issued the following statement Monday evening, after opponent Rod Drobinski was caught lying to thousands of voters by sending a campaign mailing saying Yingling voted for the state income tax increase, even though the tax increase was passed two full years before Yingling took office:

"I've said many times that I oppose Springfield's unfair tax income increase that passed before I took office. Despite the fact I wasn't elected for two years after the tax increase was even passed, my opponent is saying I voted for it. He is lying."

"Rod Drobinski knows the income tax increase passed two years before I took office. He knows that once I took office, I fought for legislation repealing the tax increase, and he knows I voted more than 70 times against budgets that relied on the income tax increase. Just three weeks ago, I told him in front of the Daily Herald editorial board that I want to make sure the income tax increase expires.

"Rod Drobinski knows his mail piece is a lie, but he sent it anyway. We can't afford that kind of dishonesty in Springfield any more than we can afford the tax increase."

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